Late Start Monday

Today is late start Monday…but I came late to class anyways.  My Viet teacher came back today after a long leave for her pregnancy.  I miss her a lot and she started telling us how it feels to finally be a mother.  She told us to appreciate our parents for what they’ve been through.  Now that she has been in her parents’ shoe, she was able to understand and recognize all the the sacrifices her parents had done.  That moment I was thinking to myself…omg i would never wanna get pregnant just cause she said it was painful.  But it’s life, can’t stop that.  Well after that, I tried to be more nice to my parents and respect them more.  Especially when they think they’re right…I’ll just have to think before I say anything that might hurt their feelings.  Anyways…thank you God for letting me have parents who really care and love me =]